KiwiSDR: Wide-band SDR + GPS cape for the BeagleBone Black

Important KiwiSDR security information

It is extraordinarily important that you verify your Kiwi has updated to
software version
(or later) released on 15 July 2021 to fix a security vulnerability.

Please see here for more information.
Are your software updates stuck on v1.462?

Manual intervention is required to get your Kiwi to resume automatic updates
beyond software version v1.462   Please see here for more information.
Access KiwiSDR receivers here

New Kiwi owners

Be sure to initially give your Kiwi a connection to the Internet and let it update to the latest software release. This process can take up to 60 minutes. If you're using the software installed by the factory (v1.2) you may not hear audio due to recent browser changes preventing the autoplay of audio and video. This is especially true with Firefox.
Beagle root password

Did your Kiwi not have a Beagle/Linux root password set and now it's asking for one?
Recent security changes have automatically applied a password to any root or debian account passwords that were blank/unset. The password is either the Kiwi admin password, if one was set, or the Kiwi serial number written on the top of the circuit board in the white box (also available on the admin interface "network" tab). To find out what the password was changed to please see this forum post.

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